Programmatic get brands in on the game

With the Fifa World Cup expected to reach 3.2 billion people by its end, marketers are licking their lips. Traditionally, exorbitantly priced sponsorships have been the only way to get in on the advertising action at global events. With the rise of programmatic, the playing field has been leveled.
At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, six of the 12 brands that achieved high social traction were non-sponsors. Leveraging programmatic advertising at sporting events allows marketers to reach engaged audiences at scale in real-time.

With our own Bledisloe cup just around the corner and sport being a national pastime in NZ, there are lessons to be learned from the World Cup.

With viewers increasingly using a second screen to keep up with the action, brands can connect with a passionate fan base across multiple channels. For instance, those watching TV coverage may use mobile devices to follow live commentary, or comment on the action via social media.

Mobile matters
According to Google, more than a quarter of sports fans are now streaming sports to their mobile devices. Programmatic offers an unprecedented opportunity for mobile advertisers to engage with customers and create social currency around the game. Food delivery apps, shopping apps, party supply apps, and navigation apps have particular appeal.
And it’s not just the game that matters. Audiences look for related content around the game, from player stats and video replays to ball skills.

Digital video in particular, is the perfect medium to reach viewers, with cross-platform ad campaigns delivering maximum impact.

To maintain relevance, campaigns must be dynamic and responsive in real time. By focusing on strategic planning, creative content and data-backed strategies for mobile, any brand can win big at sporting events.
Geotargeting for maximum impact
Device location, to reach a location-based audience using Geofencing and stadium foot traffic is key for sporting events. Device or platform targeting, time targeting, location targeting and in-app targeting are all effective sport marketing tools.
In this way advertisers can accurately target premium audiences at the right time with dynamic, relevant messaging.

Acquire Online has a number of geotargeting options, including geofencing stadiums and maximising on viewership both before and after a game. Talk to us about how you can make the most of capturing this sport targeting opportunities.

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To Boost Engaged Reach, Context Matters

With the growth in digital advertising, context is increasingly relevant. Brand-safety and the need to optimise advertising impact are strong drivers.

Research shows that ads should be placed in an environment that the consumer values and pays attention to and, better still, with which they make an emotional or cognitive connection. The challenge is to keep the user’s attention without disrupting their online experience.

Ads are not viewed in isolation. The media space in which the Ad occurs influences consumers’ perceptions of, and responses to, your brand. The Media platform device, time and location, all affect consumers’ perceptions and responses to your ad messages.

How it Works

Contextual targeting offers marketers the opportunity to deliver catered ads of interest to their customers. It takes into account the category or keywords of a web page a customer is viewing and serves them relevant ads. It is personalised to the viewers interests, thus enhancing consumer engagement.

Engage the Consumer

Other issues to consider when it comes to context are the need to optimise advertising impact, fight advertising avoidance and forestall ad blocking. Poor consumer experiences thanks to clickbait and irrelevant content have made some consumers resistant. One way to right this is with alternative branded-content formats like Native Advertising. In this way the ad align and blend with content and be less disruptive.
Programmatic allows publishers and advertisers to serve relevant content in real time for an effective consumer experience that encourages engagement. It does so via:

• Page-level context.
• Keywords and URLs.
• Scalable content.

In turn, consumer engagement allows for an emotional response leading to less ad blocking, greater recall and stronger purchase intention. The result is higher CTRs and a stronger ROI.

Ignoring context is risky. Though there is no one-size-fits-all, context offers real opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of advertising messages. Talk to us about our brand safety and content targeting options.

The Power of Digital Audio

If you’re not including digital audio as part of your marketing strategy, you should be. Smart marketers are taking note, as the shift from traditional radio to digital opens a world of possibility. Programmatic audio and the rise of streaming services have optimised marketing opportunities based on device and listener data. The percentage of digital audio bought or sold programmatically is expected to double just a year from now, including major global brands who understand where consumers are spending their time and money.

Streaming giants, Spotify and iHeartRadio, both part of Acquire Online’s offering, boast over 100 million active users each. There are over 460,000 ad supported New Zealand users on Spotify alone.

Navigating this evolving digital audio world may seem daunting. That’s what Acquire Online is here for – to help you reach a highly engaged audience across mobile, desktop and connected devices. Programmatic operational efficiency, data flow and automated buying and selling takes targeted streaming and data analysis out of your hands. We do the hard work, supplying you with data which allows you to make real-time decisions for audio optimisation. The highly personal nature of digital audio platforms allows brand targeting to the finest detail, from basic demographics to the consumer’s mood and even what they cook for supper.

The ability to use data to best advantage is a key driver of programmatic adoption, whether it be via sponsorship, audio, video or display. From sponsored playlists to homepage takeovers or even a custom solution, programmatic audio puts your brand centre stage.

With users streaming from morning to night, leveraging radio advertising and making informed choices about digital audio buying, makes an effective medium even more powerful. Programmatic also allows marketers to integrate audio into cross-channel campaigns, lifting brand awareness, with as much as four times as many conversions.

The infrastructure for success is already in place. Let Acquire Online help you take advantage of this well-placed opportunity for brands and marketers. Don’t let your brand get left behind.

What’s a UTM and why should you use them when distributing your content online

UTMs let you see precisely which campaigns are getting the results you want!They answer important questions about which campaigns drive leads and sales, to track marketing performance.

UTM is short for 'Urchin Tracking Module', a simple text string that you can attach to a URL to track the source, medium, campaign name, term and content.

Utilising Google Analytics, you can use UTMs to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media.

So why aren’t all Marketers using them?

Some marketers are not aware of the benefits and value that UTM’s can add to their online media buys.

Knowing how to interpret the data to maximise insights can also be tricky.

Google analytics has created a free UTM builder tool where you can just add in your information and it will automatically generate a url. For those marketers that run multiple activities, this spread sheet UTM generator helps you create multiple urls. To discover more about to how to set-up the various components of UTM codes and their benefits read the Effin Amazing blog.

Acquire Online now offers advertising on popular local navigation tool

With 36,000 Kiwi's already using Waze, the news that Acquire Online is now offering the navigation app as an advertising tool bodes well for marketers. Backed by Google, local adoption rates are expected to grow quickly.

The popular navigation app, Waze, is a marketing vehicle that literally drives people to desired locations. It was snapped up by Google for over a billion dollars. Acquire Online saw the same potential and is now offering clients this first in location-based marketing.

"We are always on the lookout for new technology to up brand awareness," said Acquire Online Director, Zane Furtado. "Community-based navigation is a great way for brands with a physical location to make their mark."

Already the app has proven its worth as a marketing tool overseas. Clients ranging from retail stores to car sale outlets and even back-to-school campaigns, achieved good returns with strong views and engagement. According to Waze, advertisers have seen a 33% increase in navigations to their stores following campaigns, with adverts enhancing the user experience rather than detracting from it.

Advertising options range from a deceptively simple pin that serves as a digital billboard, to a complete screen takeover, promoted search or an arrow indicating your business is nearby. A single tap will initiate a drive to your location.

"There are three distinct advertising solutions based on your investment level and number of locations. The advertising solution we offer, Waze local starter, is designed for local businesses," said Furtado.

This intent-based platform offers detailed targeting so marketers know who is driving, their destination and even what's happening with the weather. Unlike an outdoor billboard it's measurable and actionable, with real-time insights. And if you're worried about safety, the complete advert only shows when the car has come to a stop.

With 100 million monthly active users worldwide and New Zealand adoption rates on the increase, the marketing potential is significant.

Acquire Online is New Zealand's largest independent programmatic trading desk. Established in 2012, the company strives to be first to market with new technology, delivering adverts to the right people at the right time on the right device.

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