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What stops people from skipping ads?
3 lessons from industry leaders

The YouTube “skip” button is a powerful tool for measuring advertising engagement. If it goes unpressed, you know you’ve truly captured people’s attention. But how do you ensure that happens?

Google asked creatives and advertisers what stops them from skipping ads. Their tips could help make your next ad unskippable!

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What's the difference between GDN and Programmatic

Programmatic has a lot of detailed targeting options that GDN does not support. While GDN uses search data to target users, Programmatic offers a mix of third-party data and first-party data which enables more granular targeting.

GDN is a walled garden, while Programmatic also offers access to dozens of ad exchanges and private marketplaces (sites with invitation-only access) bringing much bigger audiences.

Programmatic affords greater brand safety measures as well as Google ratings, it uses additional third-party verification companies, for example  Integral Ad Science.