Time's Tiking

It’s never too early to build your TikTok strategy

Unless you’ve been living in a time bubble, you’ll know about TikTok, the social app that’s sweeping the globe. Created by China’s ByteDance, TikTok users share short clips edited with sound and visual effects. The app is well-known for lip-syncing and dance clips, but it covers everything from cringe videos, to duets, challenges and memes.

TikTok’s mission is to ‘inspire creativity and bring joy.’ There’s obviously a lot of demand for creativity and joy with 800 million monthly active users and over 2 billion downloads since the worldwide launch in September 2017. TikTok users average around 52 minutes a day and open the app 8 times a day. 83% of users have created content on the platform.

It’s no surprise then that TikTok is an advertisers dream. TikTok ads are video based, but if you don’t have content, TikTok offers an AI-powered Smart Video Creator, that adds effects and transitions to your images and syncs them with stock or your own music tracks.

TikTok Ads are currently available for Australia, Canada, United States, India, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates with New Zealand soon to join the list and Acquire is ready to get your brand singing and dancing.

Talk TikTok.

Before you start building your TikTok campaign, here are a few handy terms to get you started.

Challenges: TikTok challenges specifically refer to viral trends circulating on the platform that creators can recreate and take part in.

Cringe: This is a popular category involving videos of people purposefully acting awkwardly or “cringey”.

Duets: TikTok lets you take another user’s video and add their own alongside it. ‘Shallow’ anyone?

#ForYou: This tag recommends videos users might like. Most creators use it to get their videos featured.

Fans: If you’re loving the content of another user, you can become a fan.

Hearts: TikTok’s way of measuring how many likes you’re getting.

Lip Syncing: Where it all began - videos where users lip sync to popular tracks.

Musers: A nickname for TikTok users - don’t ask us why.

Source: https://medium.com/@odolenakostova/tiktok-ads-help-marketers-can-benefit-from-very-high-levels-ofengagement-and-growing-young-91a45eacf088

Let's Talk About Food

Acquire wants to see an online advertising supply chain that is clean, pure, transparent, and efficient to deliver digital advertising that centres around the client.

Just like a Michelin star chef who carefully picks and chooses their ingredients, we at Acquire not only have strict quality controls in place but also work with the best tools and sous chefs in the industry to deliver a product that is of a consistently high standard and outstanding quality, every single time.

Online Advertising experienced rapid growth without a clearly defined plan and drew parallels to the Industrial Agricultural. The Agricultural industry also started with the right intentions to supply nutritious food to a growing population. Still, mass production techniques created widespread consequences for the environment and nutrient value of the produce. Consumers, chefs, and farmers saw there was a problem and quickly established a movement, "Farm to Plate," creating transparency of how food is grown and brought consumers closer to their food supply.

Like Industrial Agricultural, Online Advertising started with good intentions, to show engaging ads to the right consumers online. However, over the years, many unplanned consequences have risen, such as vanity metrics, walled gardens, hidden fees, privacy issues, fraud, and bots.

Acquire believes there needs to be a commitment to cleaning up the advertising supply chain and a movement like the "Farm to Plate' which ensures the advertiser is always at the centre. We are committed to a supply chain that is transparent and accountable to the client.

Acquire offers greater transparency by challenging vanity metrics, specifying clear set viewability standards, verifying performance not only through actual sales/analytics but also building attribution models that fit your product lifecycle, analytics and dashboard reporting, and working with industry-leading brand safety vendors. Accountability throughout all our services, clear set KPIs, and better ROAS by implementing less wastage through quality inventory, handpicking private marketplace deals, whitelisting and better targeting.

Brand advertisers deserve a movement like the "Farm to Plate," which puts them at the centre of their advertising supply chain.